BrightStart Spring Break 2016

That noise you hear is the party at BrightStart Pediatrics – because Spring Break 2016 is just around the corner!

Next week the school-age patients (and a few daring toddlers) at BrightStart will participate unique and therapeutic activities … which is what they do just about every week. Spring Break is special because this year we’ve got some incredible fun lined up to educate and stimulate! Join us for updates as our patients enjoy:

  • The Running of the Bulls (children will be chaperoned in Pamplona)
  • Base Jumping
  • Monster Truck Ride-Along
  • Navy Seal Survival Course
  • Finger Painting

Also, an Easter Egg hunt.
Obviously we’re kidding about most of this (the Festival San Fermin isn’t until July) – but we do have some pretty neat things to do during Spring Break and as always we’ll share our fun with you here on our website, so please check back for updates!

*One final reminder – permission slips for the Monster Truck Ride-Along are due at the end of this week.