Summer Activities Return

Sanford Patients Splash Up a Thursday

Patients at BrightStart Sanford welcomed the return of Water Day, a favorite summer activity. Our centers usually have this rowdy celebration each week or so, weather and activities permitting. Today we’re giving you exclusive access so you can see how much fun you’re not having, if you’re at work looking at this.

The mid-June weather was perfectly suited for a day on the back playground – just enough shade from covering (which is why everyone looks blue sometimes) and sun enough to keep the water just right. 

Hey, can we make this fast? My friends and I are going to the pool.

There was splashing, bubbles, toys – plenty of everything, except time! In case you were wondering – no, nobody gets tired of this, they just get tired from it.

Even mother ducks want their ducklings at BrightStart! This family is under the close watch of our patients and staff.

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