Little BrightStart Pumpkins on the Loose

Don’t tell anyone, but it’s very nearly fall in Central Florida, something you wouldn’t know from the weather. But the sunshine is still okay for fall field trips, like a visit to the pumpkin patch.

We’re highlighting the field trip from the BrightStart Sanford crew, who went back to visit the Lakeside Fellowship Methodist Church on Wednesday morning. The group attracted as little attention as possible with BrightStart colors (conveniently orange) and with so many of our own little pumpkins that two groups got to enjoy the morning’s activities.

Patients saw and touched all sorts of pumpkins in every shape, texture and color. Photo opportunities were plentiful for the kids to put their faces on murals of scarecrows and trees, as well as strike a pose on the classic hay bale. They dominated the bean bag and ring toss, and when unleashed to hunt down their own small pumpkin they each found a perfect fit.

In quieter moments they got to learn about the pumpkins and how they find their way to the pumpkin patch, and sat in breathless excitement during the edge-of-your-seat pumpkin adventure of Splat the Cat. (We won’t spoil it for you, but it’s really neat.)

Many, many thanks go out to the BrightStart Sanford crew for their dedicated kid-wrangling. We were also thrilled to have a few parents, siblings and extended family members join us for the smiles.

Thanks of course to our hosts at Lakeside Fellowship Methodist Church. You can learn more about them, their pumpkin patch activities, and trunk-or-treat activities by clicking this link to their website:

Be sure to visit us next week … we’ll share some photo treats from our trick-or-treat!