Just what we needed: Superheroes!

Our fun sense is tingling.

Here it is, September already, and you must be wondering: Where is all the fun?

It just so happens that the fun was at BrightStart Winter Garden this week when our center had a surprise visit from Spiderman and Batman!

Our friends at the Guardians of Justice put the call out to their roster of incredible heroes to make an average Thursday a really big fun day.

Our visitors were impressed with all of BrightStart’s safety precautions for keeping our patients, caregivers and therapists safe. Spiderman noted that he had developed a special sanitizing web, and Batman indicated that he could take down any virus with a batarang. However, since our Medical Directors have not had time to evaluate these statements, our heroes agreed to our regular safety precautions.

As often occurs with visitors, not everyone is super-excited. In fact we learned today that if you just close your eyes, they will eventually disappear. (Photo gallery gold!) 

Eventually almost everyone warmed up and a terrific time was had by all, and we’d like to think our superheroes gained some useful play skills as well. We think Batman’s seat at the “executive table” is probably something our patients would enjoy anytime.

BrightStart extends big thanks to our friends at Guardians of Justice for their big hearts and great people. Keep your eyes on our site because they may just appear again soon!

Thanks to Tom and Miguel for making this hero visit possible.

Big thanks also to our BrightStart families who trust our nursing and therapy care and appreciate our love. 

Our day would not be complete without a tip of the hat (or bat-cowl) to our incredible BrightStart staff. Thanks for continuing to serve up our daily allowance of nursing, therapy and love in the middle of a superhero appearance!

Have a peek at our latest photo gallery and see what all the excitement is about: