Happy Little Hearts at BrightStart

Feel the Love!

Welcome to our first holiday of the new year – it’s Valentine’s Day!

We’re taking a peek inside BrightStart Sanford, where the love-themed art shares wall space with the kid-decorated Valentine goodie bags. Burning question: Does Cupid fill these?

BrightStart has love for our kids all year round – but this heartfelt Monday is a great excuse for some treats, some goodies, and the universal language of food love: Pizza!

Yay! Pizza!
… bottle.

There was just enough sunshine for some of the pre-schoolers to burn off some extra energy on the playground on an otherwise normal day of nursing, therapy and love.

As with any holiday at BrightStart, fashion is a priority. If it’s got a heart, wear it! And today, red goes with everything.

Rockin’ the Valentine Crocs!
Amanda’s headgear is fashionable and functional – it actually transmits Occupational Therapy activities on a subconscious frequency!

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