BrightStart Spring Break 2022

‘Country Days’ Theme Grows Happy Patients

BrightStart’s 2022 Spring Break took on a natural look as we celebrated Country Days.

“Seriously – these are so gorgeous – who does your hooves?”
Footwear should always compliment activities.

Our animal-centric theme welcomed back our friends from Noah’s Landing. Patients from all three of our centers had an opportunity to meet and greet some friendly feathers and furries. On Tuesday, BrightStart Winter Garden hosted their counterparts from Orlando for a zoo-riffic time. On Thursday, the gang at Sanford not only had the zoo but plenty of St. Patrick’s Day art and attire.

Spring! … and love is in the air.
St. Patrick’s Day with Amanda! If you find the pot of gold, it becomes a sensory bin.

The week got off to a snorting start with pink for Piggy Day and was capped in black and white for Cow Day. All along our patients experienced arts and crafts with a farming and animal theme. 

Another new kid at BrightStart! (No, that joke is not getting old.)
Spring break with Occupational Therapy: Never a drag!

Cooperative mild weather made for great outings. Mini-sandbox stations gave kids a chance to dig in and discover ‘hidden’ plastic animals. It was also a chance to find out how much sand a small child can carry on their clothes, in their shoes and even hair.

Pizza – the spring break staple – was the main course on the busy days of animal interaction.

Special thanks to our friends from Noah’s Landing: Candiss, Lorelei, and Carlee. Click here to find out more about them.

The unavailability of the Jackalope was a bitter disappointment for some patients.

Meanwhile, have some fun in our latest photo gallery!