BrightStart Fills Up With Field Trip Fun

It’s still nursing, therapy and love … on a field trip.

With school just around the corner for a few of our little rays of sunshine, the BrightStart Sanford crew decided it was time to get on the party bus and take the celebration on the road.

Thursday’s destination was the Oviedo Mall, where there was plenty to see and do.

Immediately after arrival, a feat of epic bravery and determination: The escalator ride. Reassuring one another and skillfully clinging to an adult, the group rode to the summit, where congratulatory high-fives awaited from the Regal ticket-taker. The descent to ground level was equally exciting, where the group hiked directly through the food court to a small play area.

After making a few new friends, it was into unexplored territory, where they discovered the Arcadia Kid’s Fun Museum. Inside they were transported into every kind of environment you can imagine, from a classic diner to pet vet office. Nursing and therapy staff cleverly disguised activity in the Wiggle Climber so our patients were unaware they were continuing to develop (and show off) their skills.

The great time at Arcadia was followed by an endurance hike to the opposite end of the mall, where the gang got to select an item at Dollar Tree, having earned a dollar each in activities earlier in the week.

At last the hungry travelers feasted in summer style at Chick-Fil-A before gathering their belongings and escorts and heading back to the Sanford center.

If you didn’t get to come along, we’re sharing a photo gallery so you can see what you missed. Watch closely and you might see:

  • A BrightStart patient trying out the bungee jump
  • A darling little couple shopping engagement jewelry
  • Kids sampling Pop Rocks

How much of this really happened? Hey, what happens at the mall stays at the mall. Take a look and see what you think!

Meanwhile, BrightStart Pediatrics wants to thank a few people for our terrific day:

All the new friends we met at the Oviedo Mall

Judy Desrosiers and the great staff at Arcadia Kid’s Fun Museum

Juan Alvarado & friends at Kay Jewelers

… and of course, our one-of-a-kind BrightStart staff.

Check out Arcadia Kid’s Fun Museum here.