BrightStart: A Free Range PPEC

Alright, maybe there is no such thing as a free range PPEC, but if there was, you better believe BrightStart would be at the top of the game.

Now it is September, which, for newer arrivals in Central Florida, feels pretty much like mid-summer. However, when these children get their fill of nursing, therapy and love, they have to burn it off somewhere. Sometimes, BrightStart’s regular playground area just isn’t big enough for all the fun you can have just running around wildly. (Yes, this running is well supervised, but for your photographic enjoyment, we’ve framed only the running children.)

Also, who doesn’t love the whole get-caught-under-the-parachute game? Actually, given the temperature, maybe they like the shade more than anything.

We’re busy with so many things as we head into fall, but before we get into all of that, we thought we’d share these pictures of some of our Sanford patients enjoying the great outdoors.

BrightStart children at play Sep 2015
BrightStart children at play Sep 2015