All About Peds

BrightStart Winter Garden enjoyed a visit from Dr. Katelyn Hernandez as part of a rotation for pediatric residents from AdventHealth.

We’re all about pediatrics at BrightStart, and we’re all in when it comes to visitors.

No wonder we’re so excited to work with the pediatric residents program at AdventHealth. What does that mean? Visitors, of course!

Physicians completing additional training in pediatrics are getting a firsthand experience of our Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care program in Winter Garden. This exposure is helpful in understanding how the PPEC program is an extension of the physician’s care for medically complex patients. It also improves communication between the PPEC program and providers.

Our Winter Garden center was delighted to introduce Dr. Katelyn Hernandez to our staff and patients.

Dr. Hernandez has been working extensively in the AdventHealth system and was acquainted with some of our patients. She also made plenty of new little friends.

We’re so thankful to partner with AdventHealth and our new pediatric providers to give patients a bright start!