COVID-19 Update: March 25

We are still available during this extended closure.

BrightStart Pediatrics centers will continue to remain closed to regular operations, and we expect this to continue to Monday, April 13th.

While we are not handling our usual nursing and therapy patient population, our business is still functioning! You can reach us by telephone or email.

By now everyone is aware of the rapid changes in daily life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to monitor and review every aspect of this situation as it pertains to our PPEC centers, our patients and staff. Safety is our primary objective.

On behalf of our entire BrightStart team, we hope that this message finds you well. This unprecedented situation will continue to disrupt our lives, but we are optimistic that some relief and solutions are imminent. We can all look forward to that!

Thank you for checking in with us here, and please continue to check in for updates.

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BrightStart Pediatrics is a PPEC - Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care - nursing and therapy centers for medically fragile infants and children in Central Florida.