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In addition to our regular updated content, BrightStart will be bringing you a variety of posts on our website about Choosing A PPEC. Whether you’re a parent researching options for your medically fragile child, and new to the PPEC setting, or currently enrolled in a PPEC program, we’ll provide you with valuable information for evaluating the services available, and ultimately making the choice that provides the best care for your family.

BrightStart Pediatrics specializes in the care of medically fragile infants, typically in the ages from birth to five years. Skilled nursing is a fairly familiar service, while therapy is often less understood.

There are three separate therapy disciplines practicing at BrightStart Pediatrics: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.


What­­­­ is Speech Therapy? If you don’t know, or just need a refresher, we’ve got you covered the easy way with this video.

No small part of choosing a PPEC provider is getting to know the team of caregivers and therapists who will care for your child. In this basic video introduction to Speech Therapy you’ll have an opportunity to meet our Speech Therapists: Deanne Gaydos and Jessie Aqualina.

Spoiler alert: Our video is full of real, adorable BrightStart children, captured on location in our BrightStart PPEC centers.


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