PPEC Patients

An infant or child with some form of nursing intervention is a candidate for the BrightStart Pediatrics PPEC program.

  • BrightStart Pediatrics - infant with oxygen

  • Oxygen & Apnea Monitors

    Our population of infants includes many premature babies and lots of apnea monitors and oxygen. BrightStart’s PPEC enables parents to breathe easier with the security of knowing that their baby receives care from qualified pediatric nurses. Plenty of love doesn’t hurt either.

  • G-tubes (and other tube feedings)

    From infants to preschoolers, from bolus feedings to pumps, this is the “frequent flyer” nursing intervention of the BrightStart population, Gastrostomy tubes or G-tubes. Care also includes patients with Jejunostomy tubes or J-tubes.


  • BrightStart Pediatrics - boy with G-tube

  • BrightStart Pediatrics - tracheostomy patient

  • Tracheostomy Care

    BrightStart cares for patients with tracheostomies. The experienced nursing staff also serves as a valuable resource for parents who need support and reinforcement in caring for their child.


  • Ventilator Management

    Among the more medically complex patients at BrightStart are those with ventilators, again handled by experienced pediatric nursing staff. BrightStart works in collaboration with the Pulmonologist to assist in progressing and weaning children from the ventilator as appropriate.

  • Image: BrightStart vent patient

  • BrightStart Pediatrics - boy at play 03

  • … and many others!

    BrightStart cares for infants and children with many different nursing needs, many of which are not as visible or obvious. Children may need nursing intervention for the treatment of cystic fibrosis or seizure disorders. Of course we can’t cover everything here; if you have questions, please get in touch with us!